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Poa Annua

What is Poa Annua or Annual Bluegrass?

"Poa Annua, or annual bluegrass, is one of the most common grassy weeds in the United States. It looks very similar to Kentucky bluegrass, except it is a lighter shade of green, has a shallower root system, and develops a short seed head early in the season. It usually dies off in the summer when the weather gets hot, leaving behind bare spots in your lawn. Poa annua germinates in late summer or early fall. The seedlings grow throughout the fall and then flower the following spring."

How to treat Poa Annua:

1. Avoid Overwatering

2. Cut Grass High

3. Fertilize Regularly

4. Use a Pre-Emergent in the late Spring and Fall

Poa Annua

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