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Fertilization Season: Don’t Wait Until It’s To Late!

Hi! The Yard Doctor is in to share a few things with you about lawn fertilization. Fertilization is very similar to the multi-vitamins we take to keep our health up. Just like us, the soil does not always provide its self with the nutrients it needs to be beneficial and help the grass grow the proper way. When we come in with fertilizer we are able to put in the nutrients the soil needs to grow to be lush and green. One dose of fertilizer is not enough for the lawn to grow successfully. We have to give the lawn a series of doses to make sure it has the right amount of nutrients to be healthy. It is time for you to get your lawn its first dose of fertilizer now. We would then come back six weeks after the first application and put down the second application of fertilizer.

This is also a great time to put down an application of weed control. Weed control is similar to a vaccine. It is a preventive measure to make sure that invasive species do not come in and take over your lawn. Do not be fooled, weeds can give the illusion of a green lawn to the untrained eye. However, the longevity of the weed will diminish overtime and cause the yard to look unhealthy. It is important that you get ahead of the problem and start the spring off right with a fertilization and weed control treatment.

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